Top 10 Cricket Academies in Delhi & NCR

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In India, cricket is not just a game, it is an emotion. This sport has the capability to unite the entire nation. Despite the differences among people, when it comes to cricket and supporting our team, all Indians come together. Due to the fondness of the game and the success of so many Indian cricketers, this sport has risen as a viable career option. For making it a career, a lot of effort and hardwork is required. One also needs training and guidance from experienced trainers. To provide such training, there are some of the best cricket academies in Delhi and NCR region which give training to young cricket enthusiasts with state-of-the-art facilities. Picking the right one itself is a big task for youngsters who are willing to pursue their career in cricket. So here is the list of the top 10 cricket academies in Delhi and NCR area.

Sehwag Cricket Academy

Sehwag Cricket Academy was found by the former Indian batsman Virendra Sehwag himself. The main aim behind the foundation of the academy was to provide quality cricket training and world class cricketing infrastructure to all the individuals who are enthusiastic about it. The academy provides opportunity to learn from the best in the fields of cricket. it has a very friendly and innovative environment. This academy is set up on a massive 23-acre campus at Jhajjar, on the outskirts of Gurgaon, Haryana in the year 2011. It is very eco-friendly and more emphasis is laid on providing students with the best-in-class cricket coaching and training. It is an all-year-round academy which integrates the best cricketing knowledge, technology and techniques to create world class cricketers for tomorrow. They focus on the overall development of the young cricketers. Apart from cricket, the academy also focuses on strengthening the reflexes and enhancing the youngsters through other games like tennis, swimming and football. It conducts various tournaments and sessions regularly. Looking at the infrastructure, it has an indoor swimming pool in the 23-acre eco-friendly campus, it also has quadrate rooms, full board breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, and 24/7 support staff. The coaches in the academy are highly qualified and well experienced. Sehwag Cricket Academy focuses on providing holistic development programs for students of different ages. It conducts regular matches to analyze the skills and talents of players. It also gives opportunities to interact and play matches with National and international players. It also provides physical development through different international standard sporting facilities.

Madanlal Cricket Academy

Madan Lal Cricket Academy is managed by Matchcraft Sports Management which aims to shape the talent of young players and nurture them with quality training sessions and make them true leaders. Mr. MadanLal, the former Indian cricketer guides the students of the academy. The regular sessions taken by him help the students to understand the details of the game. This academy is well known for its infrastructure. It has four turfs and 3 cement wickets, two bowling machines. It also conducts video analysis regarding the training and facilities it provides. Individual coaching sessions are also held for its players online. Coaching programs are also available for students to improve their game. The coaching takes place for 4 days a week.

Ayush Cricket Academy

Ayush Cricket Academy is among the oldest and the best known cricket academies in the Delhi NCR region and has been operating for more than a decade as of now. This academy has been registered and affiliated with the Uttarakhand cricket association. It is popular for conducting many successful cricket tournaments in the region. The academy attracts many young players every year by providing them with quality Cricket education. Ayush Cricket Academy is an excellent platform for all those who aspire to be professional cricketers and want to learn and improve their skills in the game. The vision of ACA is to provide young sports enthusiast a nurturing and organized sports program. It focuses on helping youngsters to fulfil their dreams to play for the Nation. The Academy provides quality equipment and facilities to the students and help them become great sportsmen.

The infrastructure and facilities of Ayush Cricket Academy is top class. It has two grounds, each of 75 yards, designed as per the BCCI norms. It has day and night practice facilities and 25 wickets for practice. Apart from the ground, it also has a dining hall which has fresh dairy products, organic foods and herbs. The Academy takes care of the strict diet chart for students which is design by expert dietitians. The Academy is equipped with full AC rooms and AV center. The Academy also has indoor pitches which include four turf wickets (different nature), acrylic surface pitches, two astro turf for bowling machines and throw down, flat surface for batting and pitches for pacers and spinners. It also has a gym for endurance training, power training, cardio and strength training. Ayush Cricket Academy looks after the students, performance. Annually, every student plays 70 to 80 matches and the progress report of every individual student is maintained. Apart from that, it also has recreational sports like table tennis, chess, pool table. carom, badminton and yoga center. The Academy also take care of the students by providing them rehab center in the form of physiotherapy and naturopathy. Video analysis of the students training is also done here. They track the weaknesses and strength in order to work upon it. Regular team tours are done for better exposure.

Abhimanyu Cricket Academy/ National School of Cricket

It is a joint venture of Abhimanyu Cricket Academy and Asian School which was formed in the year 2008. The academy gives quality cricket coaching through expert trainers and modern technology. It has amazing facilities and infrastructure which help the aspiring cricketers. This cricket academy is situated in Dehradun and region to become the famous nursing ground for the young and emerging talent in the country. The main moto of the academy is to help the young cricket enthusiasts to build a successful career in cricket. They believe in taking cricket to the next level. The curriculum provided by the academy allows the young individual to receive special coaching. Apart from sports, the students can pursue educational certificate programs as well. The students at NSC are taught and provided with coaching in the cricket field as well as cover the whole educational syllabus. The infrastructure of the academy is highly equipped. It is provisioned for stump-vision cameras, snick-o-meters, it has indoor practice facility during inclement weather and world class gym. It also has fully furnished AC rooms and floodlight indoor hall with three pitches. There are high-speed bowling machines, automatic roller and grass cutter, updated sports equipments and pavilions with floodlight facilities. The academy has 8 coaches specialized in all aspect of the game.

Dronacharya Cricket Academy

Dronacharya Cricket Academy is a premier learning centre for cricketers in India. This academy was established in the year 2000 by Mr. Gurcharan Singh who is the recipient of the Dronacharya Award by the Government of India. It is one of the most renowned cricket academy in Delhi NCR region. The academy guides hundreds of aspiring young cricketers every year. Mr Gurcharan Singh has trained a huge number of international and national players. The academy focuses not only in training youngsters but also in searching new talents. People from economically weaker sections of the society also get coaching here at a reasonable rate. The academy believes that every individual, either it be rich or poor, should get the best and equal opportunity in the field of sports. The infrastructure of the academy has 4 excellent turf pitches and one astro-cement pitch for beginners. For training purpose, it provides one set of cricket uniform which is given at the time of new admission. The coaching is given 3 days in a week and two matches in a month are given to each player.

The Delhi Daredevils Academy

It is a fully committed academy which works for the development of young players off and on the field. The staff in the Delhi Daredevils Academy is committed to maximizing the skills and abilities of each and every student and enhancing their budding career. Throughout the academic year, the players get quality and measured exposure in cricket. Each student is guided by trained coaches. Their knowledge in the game of cricket is world-class and this creates the hallmark of the academy. The mission of the academy is to ensure that all its players are capable to face challenges and showcase their skills at the highest level possible. During IPL, all the Delhi Daredevil players, along with the coaches and support staff, visit the academy and share their cricket skills to the enrolled students

West Delhi Cricket Club

The West Delhi Cricket Club gained its popularity after the International debut of the popular Indian cricketer Captain Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli is a product of this cricket academy. West Delhi Cricket Academy was established in the year 1998. It was founded by Mr. Raj Kumar Sharma with a mission to produce top-class cricketers. He opened its four branches in Delhi. He is still a senior coach in the academy. The coaches in the West Delhi Cricket Club are known to be very strict. The students have to follow strict rules and regulations which is an essential part to become world class champions. The academy is located in the St. Sophia School grounds. The infrastructure has a hostel, auditorium, playground and libraries. The training facilities provided are 4 days in a week.

Shri Ram Narain Cricket Club (SRNCC)

This cricket club was established in 1991 by Mr. Ranbir Singh Mahendra who was the ex-President of BCCI. It has one of the best cricketing infrastructure and amazing indoor and outdoor academy for sportsmen. It has a 75-yard practice area which has been equipped with international standards. The academy has a total of 7 practice pitches for students, 5 turf pitches and 2 cemented ones for practice. The facilities include girls and boys hostel, and trained coaches (BCCI qualified, Ex cricketers, Ex Ranji Trophy). The academy has modern equipment, scoreboard and natural turf pictures.

Ace Cricket Academy

Ace Cricket Academy is doing a brilliant job for the past 6 years and has personal physical trainers, structured curriculum and regular tournaments. They have been organizing the Ace Cricket Tournament for the past 2 years for children under 14 and for 16 years old.

Strikers Sports Academy

Strikers Sports Academy provides pick up services from the nearest metro station and even from your house. They have excellent indoor turf pitches, dedicated award winning coaches and automated boxing machines along with fitness trainers. The Academy is located in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad.


In India, the craze for cricket can never be reduced. So we can get the idea of how much competition is there in this field. Every aspiring cricketer wants to be another Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar or Kohli. This is not possible if the person does not get proper training and guidance. These academies help you to sharpen your skills and train you for the bigger matches. In the above, we described and explained about the top 10 cricket academies in Delhi. You can choose anyone according to your wish and facilities and be the Star cricketer of tomorrow.

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